Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Foundation

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Foundation is a world's leading cancer research institute that carries out interdisciplinary teams of scientist along with humanitarians who work together in order to prevent, treat and diagnose cancer, HIV and other diseases. IT is based in Seattle, Washington and has presence around the world where it is working to eradicate various diseases.

It was not too long ago that going to the doctors and being given a diagnosis of cancer meant to go home, get your will together and prepare ones family for one's demise. But with the help of research centers such as The Fred Hutchinson Research Center and Foundation, that no longer has to be the case. Now, with combined scientific research and advancements in medicine and technology, cancer research centers like Fred Hutchinson's can help patients live a long, healthy life.

At the Fred Hutchinson Research Center & Foundation, their goal is to rid the world of cancer and other deadly diseases. While that might be a stretch at this moment in time and a bit ambitious, with their continued research and dedication the future looks much brighter. The research center has gathered the most scientifically gifted minds from around the world and has them working together to find a cure for these cancers and other deadly diseases. Apart from cancer the center also is working on eradicating other diseases such as HIV/AIDS, leukemia, and others.

While the ultimate goal is to rid the world of cancers and deadly diseases, these scientists are also working hard to bring public awareness to early detection through regular checkups. By visiting your doctor as directed, you can help to eliminate a cancer being at a later stage and seek treatment sooner. The scientist's goal is also to find ways to detect these cancers and deadly disease while at early stages to improve the quality and long term life of its patients. With more than five scientific departments Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Foundation is able to help many patients each year.


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