Purpose of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Foundation

The chief mission of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Foundation is to Eliminate Cancer and other deadly diseases. It brings great comfort to those suffering from cancer and also their families, to know that there is a research center and foundation, such as the Fred Hutchinson Foundation, working to find a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. Today at this very moment gifted minds from around the world are gathered together to find a cure for cancer. Their dedication to this find is exceptional. Every year they set the bar a bit higher to keep the momentum going in their quest for a cure.

Some of their accomplishments to date are:

Blood Cancers - Their research has enabled people who otherwise would have perished, to live a longer and better quality of life. Through a decade of advanced research in stem cell transplants and marrow, their scientists have been able to achieve a significant reduction in the risk of death through a transplant.

Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer - Through recent research scientists have discovered that one human's immune system is not very different from another, as was previously thought. This discovery has given scientists a renewed hope at finding new ways to detect, diagnose and treat these diseases that affect the immune system.

Muscular Dystrophy - This type of research has gone on for decades and now scientists are working towards narrowing down the cause. Through ongoing research, scientist have made what appears to be a significant breakthrough in finding out what causes a common form of Muscular Dystrophy to develop. They identified a DNA sequence in people who have this disease and what causes the gene to be more active, although more research is pending, the outlook is promising.

The above are just a few samples of what the Fred Hutchinson Research Center & Foundation has accomplished so far. Through their ongoing research, the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases may just be around the corner, bringing them closer to reaching their mission.


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